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Kate's way of working is psychodynamic in nature. I help clients to process their emotions, thoughts and chronic patterns of fear and pain stuck in body. This helps us find a deeper understanding of ourselves, including the traumatised aspects or hidden parts that we are not always conscious of. What Is Narcissistic Emotional Abuse? Who is Recovery For? For many, the first, challenging step, is to acknowledge that something is wrong. Often the word ‘abuse’ is shameful to admit, or is something that only happens to ‘other people’, If you feel small and disregarded by your partner, or you are miserable and exhausted by your relationship this might be an indication that it is time to talk. It is a common misconception that ‘weak’ people are targeted for abuse. It is often the reverse and nothing to do lack of intelligence or spirit - often these qualities are what attracts an abuser to us. As a survivor of CPTSD, toxic relationships and emotional abuse, I understand the shame of admitting there might be something wrong and how important it is to feel safe with a therapist. From safety, grow and thrive. I hope to guide all my clients to find new ways to move on and thrive.

EFT for Gaslighting
How to use Emotional Freedom Techniques to help ease the pain of gaslighting
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  • 2024
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