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The UK’s first eco-local reward card
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Unlimited* use of infrared light treadmill for 30 days is £129
Unlimited use of infrared light treadmill and bodyroller for 30 days is £189

Free 45 minute taster session for every new client


At Body Design we offer state of the art technology that will help you to say goodbye to stubborn fat. Our innovative approach targets specific areas of the body directly with the use of Infra-red light and vacuum technology. Our treatments target both stubborn fat and cellulite by activating the body's normal processes for fat elimination. This process firms, tones & smooths the skin while reducing excess fat & cellulite.
During exercise Infra-red rays clean your skin and body from toxins. It also emits more easily fat, water, cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxic compounds and aids in rehabilitation treatment for joint pain & arthritis.

We offer free taster session!
So there is nothing to loose apart from inches :)

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  • Tenterden
  • Kent
  • Tn30 7LZ
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